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The Ice Pop Shop

How often do we find ourselves revisiting our childhood? While attempting to live in the present, we always end up remembering the past. Everyone wishes to get what they had as a kid. A mom-made snack to fill your tummy anytime of the day. Food, clothes, family and stress free life! Running in the evening with friends trying to grab some delicacies off the street. Summers meant sitting beneath a tree, enjoying a freezing scoop of chuski or a bowl of crispy snacks.

“THE ICE POP SHOP” brings everyone’s favourite SNACK & ICE GOLA in scrumptious and tangy flavours prepared in the most hygienic conditions. Their Mantra is to take its consumers back to the time they were stress free.”

This is exactly what was kept in mind while creating the brand identity for our client. Colourful and vibrant logo, pop theme and a functional kiosk design with an array of colourful flyers.