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This is a true story
about our creative agency

It was lovely summer evening in the city, as the sun was setting, it created an orangish yellow shadow on the white crumpled pages of the notepads, that were filled with crazy ideas.

“I need another round!” screamed one, while others nodded in agreement and within a split second they were all back to arguing about who’s idea was the best. It seemed like coffee and chai were the only thing they were agreeing on.

Megha suddenly stood up, her big round eyes filled with fury and said “You all think that your ideas are the best but we need to decide on one single idea for the campaign. you guys will have to agree on something!!”

Silence filled the air as the angered boss gazed at her team. Chirping of birds and the swooshing sound of the wind against the window could be heard clearly. The mixed aroma of coffee beans and chai in the room prevailed, while all heads stared at their notepads scribbled with their ideas.

The main office door closed with a creak, as Matadeen bhaiya, the office caretaker started serving hot, steaming beverages to all. Matadeen bhaiya had been working with the team for so long now, that he exactly knew who wanted what and how.

The wise old owl of the team, Matadeen bhaiya then softly said, “ Aap sab chhodiye chai pijiye. Adrak, elaichi our saunf jaise alag-alag zaiko ko milakar ekdum nayi zaikedaar chai banayi hai aaj ”

Everyone started looking at each with their mouths open… It felt as if all of their brains got the same idea at the same time. “We should combine all our ideas” said one, “Yes and create an entirely different ad for the client” said another. “Sounds perfect to me, lets get to it!” said Megha.

And the dreamers went back to their happy place, now agreeing on more than just coffee and chai.

This is how dedicatedly and passionately after thorough discussion and argument the crazy, creative, workaholic team of Eight Owls comes up with a route for each of their clients!!




About Eight Owls

Experienced yet young at heart, we are trendy & we understand tomorrows market best.

Eight OWLS is the best Advertising Company in Delhi with a huge amount of experience in branding, advertising, marketing, communications, PR, website design, digital marketing and business advertising with an aim to achieve substantial and sustainable market growth and gain competitive advantage over its client competition.

We provide cutting edge branding services in Creative advertising, Print Ads, Brand management, Marketing, Design & print, Website & digital media, Audio Visual Films, PR, Exhibitions and events and aim at fulfilling the goals of our clients to help them reach the target group in the quickest and most effective amount of time.

Our Mantras

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  • Client Oriented   ·   Best web design award. Special choice of interstellar.
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Transparent Process

Our seamless process allows customers to know the status of their project at all times – nothing is hidden.

Creativity & Development

We believe in serving clients the best services & solutions, building profound integrity and reliability.

Super Skilled Team

Our team is a pure gem and assures quality results with rich experience of skills in different technologies.

Utmost Satisfaction

We bring out utmost satisfaction through our work process & ensure to deliver profitable solutions.

Work Ethics & Reliability

We value our clients’ time & money and intensely believe in maintaining long-term relationship with them.

Flexible Business Model

Experienced resources work on your project according to your preference and time zone.